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Stowupland Cricket Club Awards 2012
Player of the Year Awards
Batting Awards
Bowling Awards
Fielding Awards
Match Winning Awards
Clubman Award
Sportsman Award
Champagne Moment Award

Stowupland Cricket Club Award Winners 2012
First Team Players Player Award
= Scott Gregory
Second Team Players Player Award
= Adrian Sturgeon
Mid Week Player of the Year Award
= Shaun Langford
Young Player of the Year
= Nathan Long
First Team Batting Award
= Luke Edgar
Second Team Batting Award
= Andy Parkin
First Team Bowling Award
= Shaun Langford
Second Team Bowling Award
= Adrian Sturgeon
First Team Fielding Award
= Tom Wray
Second Team Fielding Award
= Tom Abbott
First Team Match Winner Award
= Luke Edgar 102 vs Rosary Cavaliers
Second Team Match Winner Award
= George Walters vs Milden
Clubman of the Year
= Paddy Stephens
Sportsman of the Year
= Dave Long
Champagne Moment
= Andy Parkin 154 vs Hadleigh