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Stowupland CC U11's vs Ipswich CC Match Summary
Stowupland U11's
Monday 22nd July 2013, Stowupland Village Hall
Stowupland 352-5
20 overs
Ipswich 294-8
20 overs
Ben Mills 23
Ethan Mayhew 12
Logan Pyle 12
  O M R W
Ethan Mayhew 4 0 24 2
Ben Mills 4 0 25 2
Noah Peachment 3 0 18 1
Stowupland won by 58 runs
Ben Mills
Sunny and Warm
Man of the Match: Noah Peachment

Coach Comments:
A high scoring game that due to the amount of chasing leather resulted in a 9pm and dark finish. Despite having 6 players we were donated a couple of fielders kindly by Ipswich. Noah Peachment a late call up opened the batting and bowling. He took his first wicket for the club when Ethan caught the batter. A great moment for all who witnessed it!
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