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Stowupland vs Yoxford Match Summary
Medite League Section C
Sunday 10th June 2012, Stowupland Village Hall
Stowupland 160 for 8
40 overs
Yoxford 42 all out
19 overs
T Wray 38
G Wearing 23
P Stephens 15
D Cobourne 10
  O M R W
L Abbott 7 0 26 5
S Gregory 6 4 7 1
S Langford 2 0 1 1
P Stephens 4 0 5 1
Stowupland won by 88 Runs
Sunny Intervals
Toss Won by:
Decided To Bowl
Stowupland Captain: T Scarlett
Luke Abbott for his 5 wicket haul
(click here to see Luke on the honours board)

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