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Stowupland Cricket Club
Stowupland Cricket Club LogoStowupland Cricket Club was founded by Rick Langford in the swinging 60's (the overhead conditions must have been just right for a whole decade). Currently the club consists of 9 teams including; the Saturday First Team (which plays in the Two Counties Division 5), the Sunday First Team (which plays on Sundays in the Hunts County Bats League Division 1), the T20 team, a Wednesday evening Team (which plays on Thursdays, only joking, Wednesdays in the Stowmarket and District Mid Week League), and Youth Teams comprising of Under 7's, Under 9's , Under 11's, Under 13's and Under 15's.
Stowupland Cricket Club as we know it today was formed in 1968. Cricket had been previously played in Stowupland upto 1968 although no records exist. In 1968 Rick Langford and Jim Hudson started playing on the old village green. They took their teas originally in the back room of the old Retreat pub, and when that was redeveloped had teas in Ruth Prings garden, before moving to the pump house on the green. In 1982 they moved to the village hall playing field where they still play today. The village hall offers comfortable changing rooms and a fully licienced bar which was a bit different from the old times. The first honours for the club came in 1997 when they won the league cup, with a fine win over favourites Thurston, the match being played at Woolpit. The after match celebrations are now part of club folk lore.
Trophies and Honours
Hunts County Bat League 2 Runners Up 2016
Stowmarket & District Mid Week League Runners Up
Hunts County Bat League 4 Runners Up
Hunts County Bat League 3 Winners 2015
Stowmarket & District Mid Week League Winners
Hunts County Bat League 4 Winners
Hunts County Bat League 5 Winners 2014
Stowmarket & District Mid Week League Winners
Runners Up Medite Section C 2012
Medite Section D Winners 2010
McNeil Plate Winners 2003
Stowmarket & District Mid Week League Winners 2002
Stowmarket & District Mid Week League Winners 2001
Stowmarket & District Mid Week League Winners 2000
Intermediate League Runners-up 2000
Federation Plate Winners 1999
Mick McNeil League Cup Winners 1997

Current Captains
Saturday First Team: Scott Gregory
Sunday First Team: George Ager
T20 Team: Kieran Gregory
Mid Week Team: Grant Wearing
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Players Past and Present
An incomplete list of past and present players. If you know ,or are, someone who has played for Stowupland in the past please contact us (click here) so we can add them/you to the list
Abbott, Gary
Abbott, Luke
Abbott, Tom
Ager, Dean
Ager, George
Aldous, Dave
Blanchard, Andy
Bloom, Jamie
Board, J
Burch, Tony
Chalk, J
Cheshire, S
Cobourne, Dave (Donut)
Colchester, Jack
Cole, Chris
Cole, Jon
Collins, J
Cook, Phil
Dade, Shaun
Dale, Tom
Daniel, D
Darlston, K
Eade, Dave
Eade, Scott
Eden, Will
Edgar, Luke
Edwards, T
Eastwell, D
Featherstone, Gav
Flatman, D
Fletcher, R
Fryett, S
George, C
Grand, N
Greaves, D
Gregory, Kieran
Gregory, Scott
Gregory, Roger
Halling, P
Harrison, S
Harvey, Alfie
Hayward, L
Holding, W
Hudson, David
Hudson, Jim
Jeans, D
Johnson, Gavin
King, S
Laflin, P
Langford, James
Langford, Rick
Langford, Shaun
Ledger, R
Lewis, Jeff
Lewis, T
Rob Linnet, Rob
Long, Dave
Long, Nathan

Marsh, Dan
Martin, Scott
Mayhew, Tony
Merry, R
Minchin, Paul
Mitchell, Y
Murphy, J
Murton, D
Nabi, H
Nicholls, James
Olding, W
Orton, B
Parkin, Andy
Philband, N
Philpott, Darren
Richmond, D
Richmond, M
Rice, Martin
Scarff, G
Scarlett, Al
Scarlett, Trevor
Seaman, R
Search, T
Shrigley, R
Sillett, B
Sillett, N
Southgate, Jordan
Southgate, Kevin
Stephens, Paddy
Sturgeon, Adrian
Sturgeon, C
Taylor, A
Taylor, D
Taylor, Sean
Vincent, Nigel
Walters, Ollie
Walters, George
Wearing, Grant
Wearing, Ian
Wearing, Rob
Weerakon, Mahesh
White, Adam
Whittaker, Andrew
Wray, Jon
Wray, Tom
Board Members et al
President: Mrs B Murphy
Vice Presidents: A Clarke, S Artiss, G Gannon, J Gannon, S K & R Marriot, J Sturgeon
Chairperson: Jo Abbott
Vice Chair: Teresa Langford
Club Secretary: Ruth Hill
Treasurer: Jon Wray
Club Captain: S Gregory
Youth Team Coaches: Jon Wray and Andrew Blanchard
Jonny Wrays Helpful Guide To Understanding Cricketing Basics